At Home Hostel – Best Hostel in Pak Chong

Pak Chong! I never hear this city before, but since I read Kadek Blogs and I know this city. Direct from Bangkok about 3 hours by train Im going to there whithout the preparation. Why I said that because only 3 days before I leave from Bangkok to Pak Chong I never search the hostel in Pak Chong.


I search in and I get At Home Hostel, for me its cheap and near from night market. But why I choose At Home Hostel? Because the owner can speak English, Ms.Nice and Husband very help me during in Pak Chong. I use the motorbike for one day trip to Khao Yai and they give me some recomended place in Khao Yai.


I want come again to Pak Chong and will camp in Khao Yai National Park. Ms Nice say if I go to National Park and Camp there maybe I’m the first Indonesian who camp in Khao Yai National Park. Hey, I want make this happen! Lol

See my scoring about At Home Hostel Pak Chong!

The Location (9)

The Location its very close to Train Station and Bus Station, just walking about 5-10 minute.

The Price (8)

Many low cost hostel in there, but feel home? I choose this hostel. The price not cheap but not too expensive. You have breakfast too, so think about it.

The language (9)

Why I choose this hostel? Because the owner can speak English, there so many hostel but I dont know the receptionist can speak english very well. I dont speak Thai so I find the hostel who can speak english.

I just recomended the hostel but if you want something different, you can find the other hostel.


Thanks for this Home!


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